Program Goal:  Reduce crop spoilage losses and increase Uganda’s national storage (Food Security) capacity.

Program Description:  This Program contemplates the delivery of 40 small pest proof, water proof steel HPN Co-operative storage buildings (1st drawing attached) and 10 large HPN Food Security buildings (2nd drawing attached) equals a total of 50 buildings.

In-Country Program Management:  In-Country Management consists of the following; customs clearance in Mombasa, transport of the shipping containers to Kampala (a distance of 1,153 kilometers), customs clearance at the Uganda border, interim warehousing, site preparation (4” concrete slab and site landscaping), delivery of the buildings to the construction site and building assembly.

HPN Co-operative Training Program:  On average, the sub-Saharan farming community loses between 40%-60% of its annual harvest of fruits and vegetables and 30%-35% of its grains.  If a group of co-operative farmers has combined annual sales of $100,000 and a) can save 30% of its previous losses and b) convert those losses to revenues, the HPN buildings will pay for themselves in 3-to-4 years.  The HPN-Uganda Program includes an allowance for co-operative training which contemplates an ongoing oversight by HPN’s In-Country management team.

Program Disbursement Schedule:  Funding will be made available in 10-building increments. Manufacturing requires +/-60 days and ocean transport to Mombasa is +/- 45 days.  When the 1st 10-building shipment leaves the factory, funds for the 2nd 10-buildings will be made available and so on until the 5 deliveries are en route to Mombasa.

Repayment Schedule:  As each cooperative generates new revenues through the sale of crops previously lost to spoilage, that money is applied to the HPN building repayment account.  With the proper placement of these buildings, the crop recovery schedule will make it possible to return the sponsor grant funding within 48-to-60 months following the commissioning of each building.

HPN Co-operative Storage Building


HPN Co-operative Storage Building

HPN Food Security Building

hpn steel buildings


hpn steel buildings