Role of Cooperatives in Agriculture in Africa

Agricultural co-operatives are producer owned. Their purpose is to help farmers increase their yields and incomes by pooling their resources to support collective services and economic empowerment.”  Dr. Chiyoge B. SIFA

The Harvest Protection Network program is a collaboration with cooperatives in the sub-Saharan farming community. The program begins with the delivery of a pest proof, water proof steel building. Each cooperative oversees the sale of the crops previously lost to spoilage. The first use of these new revenues is to pay for the building. HPN is using grant funding because grant funds are non-interest bearing. What is different about this program is, upon completion, the grant funds are returned to the program sponsor.

As each cooperative takes ownership of its building, that money is immediately recycled to provide another building to another cooperative and so on until all the crop protection needs of participating cooperatives have been met. When that has been accomplished, the grant money is returned in full. If your cooperative (or group of cooperatives) would like to participate in this program, send the information below to

HPN-Cooperative Program to Eliminate Crop Spoilage Losses

Cooperative Information & Program Guidelines

  1. Complete name and contact information of your cooperative.
  2. Combined Annual Sales. The combined annual sales of the cooperative members must be at least the USD equivalent of $100,000. If a cooperative is unable to meet this requirement, it can team up with a 2nd or 3rd cooperative to realize participation.
  3. Spoilage losses in local currency during the past 12 months must be at least 30% of the $100,000 annual sales so that building ownership can be transferred within 3 years.
  4. We need the exact location of the building that eliminates the most spoilage losses for us to calculate the transportation expense from the delivery port to the construction site.
  5. Bank contact information where the cooperative maintains its account and the name and telephone number of the individual who handles your cooperative banking.